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I would like to thank James and Eric first of all for reading my blog and contacting me in the first place. Myself and my Partner are travelling to Ocho Rios for my best friend and his fiance's wedding they are straight. By continuing, you consent to our cookies. Call us ignorant and politically incorrect for giving our tourist dollars to a country that makes sex between men illegal and with a murder history that includes the recent death of a transgender teenager with the police not making a single arrest. Although there is no official statistic and he knows there is a long way to go, he sees increased tolerance. You will definitely be respected while at the Resort no matter your sexuality. Match me with a travel agent.

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Because homosexuality is not legal in Jamaicathe same principle would apply when you leave the Resort.

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Gay male couple going to Ocho Rios - What can we expect? - Ocho Rios Forum

I was so entertained by my email correspondence with James before his trip that I asked him to definitely follow up with me afterwards and let me know how they enjoyed themselves. Hi - Sandals does welcome same sex couples. If you are in the resort most workers have been sensitized not to discriminate against gays and they can be fired for doing so. My partner and I were both initially really excited about going, but as I am researching the internet, I am becoming incredibly more nervous at the prospect of going. Gay men need to worry more than gay women. I did my due diligence, found a rare friendly woman. Nor are many other African connected locations!

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I would tell him not to show any signs of affection in public. Almost every Jamaican including myself has a relative or friend who is gay. By continuing, you consent to our cookies. But insofar as we are on the same tourist trail as many of our friends, we have felt nothing but welcome by drivers, waiters, and the staffs at such places as Rockhouse, Round Hill, Tryall Resort, and the music-centric Geejam in remote Port Antonio. Homosexuals are not very welcomed in JA but in the environment of the resort you should have no issue. November 30, at

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