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Maybe you have a close friend who is gay and described a particularly great sexual experience, and now you're subconsciously wondering what it would be like if you were to have sex with a man. As I said, it's all a spectrum. What's going on and the actions within the dream are way less important than feelings you were having at the time it was happening. Also, as everyone else here is saying, don't focus too much on labels. Having a dream that you're in a sexual situation with another man doesn't make you a gay man. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Straight man keeps having gay dreams.

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All that giving it a label too early will do is make yourself conform to it, like how you you assumed you were straight so you didn't really consider men.

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Am I Gay If I Have Sex Dreams About Men?

Don't rule out outside influence in being the cause of your man on man dreams. Anything goes in dreams, hardly an identity crisis at this point. We've all got plenty of time in life to find what makes us happy. I hope it helps OP. This could just be a reflection of your manly feelings. Visit his online profile to learn more about his background. After you get a dopamine high, your body wants more of it.

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We may have clues but its often a question which may offend someone if you were to just come out and ask it. Your subconscious is probably just dealing with all of that confusion by being more confusing and putting you with your fellow guys. Here is the full list. In its purest form, the unfinished business means a part of you is holding on to something about him deep inside. If you are not 18 years old or older you need to exit the site now. But ask yourself — what would be wrong if you were attracted to him, at least on some level? Sometimes what we dream is more real than just fantasy -- indicative of desires, passions and dormant interests.

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