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I can't believe that in the largest city in Florida, the only bathhouse never has more than about guys. Even though it says the replaced the carpets, they are dirty and need to be replaced again. The old gymnasium needs cleaning and updated. While it is true that there are a lot of older men, the young hotties more than made up for it and besides some of the older men really didnt look all that bad. I was visiting from up North this past summer and got there in the middle of a weekday and was surprised by the fun I was able to have. Bi married guy considering going and looking to ask some questions.

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It's just OK I drove up there from Orlando just for something different to do.

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Fort Lauderdale Bathhouses & Sex Clubs

The sun deck alone is worth the price of admission. Take off the towel and get some sun. When I was there also was only a few young dudes but NO old dudes. Not much to do except swim or steam JaxRick64 Over a year ago.

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If the younger generation would learn to co-exist with their elder counterparts everyone can end up having a good time. The crowd is mixed ages and types JaxRick64 Over a year ago. All my needs were met. I tried going at different times but it didn't make a difference.

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