Mcdonalds supports gay rights

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Tolerance is apparently a gift your God hasn't granted you yet. And the idea really seems to be catching on. An open letter of support posted on the Australian Marriage Equality website features signatories from across the corporate world. Surely a small show of support for them does not radically negatively impact your own family unit, while the benefits for them may be great in scope. So once again the major media are doing the work of the homosexual lobby.

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The companies, also including Telstra and Airbnb, will feature in full-page ads in Weekend Australian Magazine calling for marriage equality.

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Same-sex marriage support declared by McDonald's, Twitter and big four banks

Matt Barber, Liberty CounselJuly 29, The ad was paid for by contributions from featured firms. But as a Christian he should be concerned that the corporation is promoting sinful, unhealthy sexual lifestyles to young men in any country. Australian media Qantas McDonald's Twitter news. Oh noes you had to see a rainbow on your fast food packaging!

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To sign up for the Feedblitz service, click here. Americans For Truth www. People are upping the ante on a simple rainbow box by one-upping the gay fries with some gay PDA. Good thing we live in a free market then - where you can take your money to another coronary-inducing establishment. Peter LaBarbera, President Welcome to Americans for Trutha national organization devoted exclusively to exposing and countering the homosexual activist agenda. There's also some straight up porn in the comments, but I won't embed them just in case you're at the office.

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