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One of my best friends and his partner booked a self-guided tour of France last year and they had an amazing time. I was in Philippines and while I was in a big group which did help, everyone we met was pretty cool about me being gay. I loved the post! There are definitely some nature-oriented LGBT travel operators, and there are many travel agencies that specialize in LGBT travel so they very well might have some specific recommendations, too…. A couple was on the balcony. Stefan Arestis on 19 April, at Follow us on Instagram.

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But when I got there and started working with the people, I realized what I was doing was bigger than me and the people I was helping were not the ones making the laws.

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How Gay Travel is Different (And Why it Matters)

Are we not both single travellers for the same reason — because we are single?? When I toured around Chinatown, I saw a bar on a second story of a building. Follow us on Instagram. Will you welcome this gay couple into your country? Imagine you were in their shoes, would you prefer your gay sisters abroad to ignore you, or come over and embrace and support you? I am a private, but not unfriendly person.

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Where is the LGBT scene? Love the blog and found it on the web from Jakarta, looking for things to do. You'll particularly need it in countries where gay dating apps are blocked by the government. I travel alone and with my partner now spouse and 6 year old. I would add Ibiza as a top summer destination. Their priorities are their jobs, family, paying their bills, educating their children, putting food on the table. It seriously sucks that you have to even think about these issues.

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