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R78 and R80 - see R She was also hammered, and started chatting with me, and I didn't want to be rude, so I chatted with her a bit - but god damn. Along the way there were Inca W. Jerry Fitzpatrick was the handsome, hot, hairy muscular bartender. The Regent East was down a few steps, and was loaded with hunting prints, club chairs, and had a piano in the back.

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Am a female and not gay, but lived with a gay roommate in the 70s, also female.

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10 Sleazy Gay Places From NYC's Glory Days

It seems so long ago, but the memories are still vivid. Everyone who worked there was completely caught by surprise. Harvey Fierstein used to pop in after having performed in Torch Song Trilogy. It was a bar for men of color and those who liked them. Each time one drives down the Westside Highway cannot get over how much everything from the Meatpacking down to Battery Park City has changed.

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I miss Secret Lounge. When I "came out", at a bar called "The Yacht Club" in NJ inafter it was gone, knocked down and replaced with expensive homes - it is as if it never existed. D One of the most professional and friendly bartenders in the city. Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. I heard that bar closed down about a year or so ago. He was a background dancer in the video of Taylor Dayne's big hit but his career had come to a a halt after he was shot in the knee!

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