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He also fights Kyo to a draw in volume 27, both of them using their most powerful techniques, however Kyo is not in his true body, nor has he awakened his true red eyes. Altough I still see it as gray. He can execute three Suzaku compared to the normal one. Four years ago, Mahiro arrived home and saw Kyo beside her sister's dead body, holding a bloody sword in hand. The first true display of power comes when the newest Taishirou, Tokito, who is fed up by his goofiness and lack of seriousness, tries to shame him. They fought in the most remarkable civil war of Japan, called "The Battle of Sekigahara". Thunder Net or Lightning's web traps Sasuke's enemies in a web of lightning which never lets go.

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He reads her mind easily and with just killing ki defeats her without moving.

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Its ammunition seems to be his soul or spiritual power. The temple setting adds to the beauty of the choreography. This is the second film in which he cuts down an unarmed woman.

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The ageless being Sendai Aka no Ou is ancient beyond imagination.

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