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Mitchell's What Do Pictures Want? In this manner, mass media supplemented the medium of Ersoy's body and performances, helping to reinforce her public image of heterosexual, religious, and political normativity, as well as gendered decency. The picture as subaltern makes an appeal or issues a demand whose precise effect and power emerges in an intersubjective encounter compounded of signs of positive desire and traces of lack and impotence" Finally, Muren's sensitivity toward his audience's religious beliefs helped further reinforce his public image of decorum and respectability. However, the Turkish audience knows that Ersoy is a male-to-female transsexual who is not a biological woman, but rather is performing such womanhood, which might undercut the sex appeal of the picture for some and thus possibly the commercial appeal of the album for a mass audience.

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This differentiation is in part an outcome of economic changes in Turkey, especially during the s and the s.

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In this manner, I demonstrate that while visual rhetoric can empower non-Western lesbian and gay populations to resist the dominant local representations of homosexuality and produce and disseminate affirming alternatives, the medium utilized and the uneven conditions of production and circulation from one medium to another determine the extent of the relative influence of existing representations. Based on this view, then, pictures are not as powerful as critics and scholars might think, and as such, they are inextricably tied to media, which, as a set of social practices, are in turn tied to beholders-cum-users so much so that the very existence and meaning of each depend on one another. New Articles and Reviews. It seems that in addition to mentioning historical figures from Western classical history, Muren defended his choice of flamboyant clothing by referencing what he must have viewed as the widely known and undeniable masculinity of a fictional character adapted from Western popular culture. We will never know what other world-changing wonders Alan Turing might have brought us had he lived past For example, "In Canli Hayat, a television show presenting interviews with famous people and reenactments of important moments in their lives, Ersoy's pre-operation years were played by a young girl.

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Nevertheless, due to their restricted scopes of dissemination, Kaos GL and Legato are not as influential as the mass media, despite their alternative representations that affirm lesbian and gay existence. But in contrast to Ersoy's seemingly indisputable womanliness that projects the expected sex appeal of female album covers, Muren's image does something unexpected: Ersoy's cultivated and performed image of heterosexual womanhood; the object of the music album carrying commercial value and appeal; and medium in both its traditional sense as mass media and in its other senses, such as the body. My discussion of these three sets of contemporary representations and the accompanying practices of visual rhetoric will illustrate that the specific content and style of these representations are inextricably intertwined with multiple media. Therefore, it is possible that both singers had a certain competitive advantage over their rivals in the music market thanks to constant exposure through, among others, sensational news coverage. Mitchell's What Do Pictures Want? These goals are executed in a rhetorically, stylistically, and aesthetically diverse manner through the use of multiple media print and online ; in this manner, the medium plays an important role in the generation of a diverse subcultural style for an emerging collegiate community that is searching for its voice and identity and attempting to make itself heard through available means.

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