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He also sang " Isn't She Lovely " on the popular television show Scrubs. Archived from the original on October 11, He observed that Afghani children, after being forbidden for so many years by the Taliban regime to attend school, are eager to return to school now that they are once again allowed to receive an education. As a toddler, inhe attended Leesville Baptist Church every week. On November 16,Aiken released a holiday album titled Merry Christmas with Lovewhich set a new record for fastest-selling holiday album in the Soundscan era since

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He then returned to that church because of family and social ties although he remains at odds with the church on some issues.

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The clip of the judges' surprise during this audition performance was replayed many times over the course of the competition. Perhaps you dont think I did a good enough job explaining why Crystal Aikin was dead wrong biblically for going to perform you call it ministering at a homosexual church. She then teased him about having his own "Clay Nation". He has appeared multiple times on The Tonight Showinterviewing with Jay Leno as a guest in addition to singing, and has become a regular guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The overwhelming majority of black gospel music is the heresy gospel of inclusion:

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A cast of actors, dancers and back-up singers traveled with the tour, and members of local theater groups were added in each venue for smaller, non-speaking roles and crowd scenes. Just because they look good doing it, doesnt make them any better. He describes himself as a proud Southern Baptist who journeyed away from those roots in his late teens in search of a religion with more liberal social policies. Also, I must say—Ms. Indeed, when seducing spirits gain a stronghold in the church, it is because they have been invited in and allowed to operate. Three days into the tour, Aiken and a woman were involved in an in-flight altercation in which she allegedly shoved him. New York, October 2,