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Views Read Edit View history. Planet Penis Scene Cartman refuses and decides to photoshop the picture so it would be Kyle with Butters' penis in his mouth. Married Man Gets Penis Sucked Retrieved January 25, Somewhat encouraged by Butters' expression of confidence and pride, Bradley decides not to commit suicide and comes down. Off Off Rimjob With Trace

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As a practical joke, Kyle then convinces a horrified Cartman that taking a similar picture with his and Butters' positions switched would "cancel out the gay polarity".

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When camp authorities find Bradley's male underwear catalog they are both punished. Binx Mikey Gay Fun Married Man Gets Penis Sucked In that classic episode, Eric's naivety got him in trouble. Seeing that Butters is happy being bi-curious, Stephen admits that he's bi-curious as well and that he enjoys his curiosity. The Complete Eleventh Season:

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Throughout the episode, it is never explained to Butters that homosexuality is the issue of discussion, and he accepts everything cheerfully and at face value. Tommy Gets Super Hunk He also voices his belief that the staff's assertions of "confusion" are simply a projection of their own confusion. Sexy Stud Sucked During Rubbing After Cartman flees without waiting to explain, Stephen declares that Butters is bi-curious. Typing With My Penis

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