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For many of us, it's hard to describe that strange, stomach-churning combination of trepidation and expectation, a sense that here is a place where you can drop any pretense, study the go-go boys with abandon, shimmy to Cher, and blow kisses at the drag queen vamping on the stage. The Ho's comfy, campy aesthetic provides a welcome respite from the high-gloss bars across the bay in the Castro. It was erected on the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, one of the most decadent cruising grounds in the Victorian era. Intricate vintage fixtures sprout dusty rainbow flags, and s videos play from inch TV sets. Panorama Bar, a world-class dance club with an unrivaled lineup of international DJs, occupies the upper level.

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The opposite of every metropolitan try-hard cabaret bar you ever visited, this place is Weimar Berlin with cling-wrap ham butties.

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The 50 Greatest Gay Bars in the World

The pool tables give way to a dance floor and a stage, where weekly drag contests are held. A word of caution: From Yale and Wesleyan undergrads to Bridgeport riffraff, the crowd at Gotham Citi is looking to branch out and hook up. The bar draws neighborhood professionals for a well-priced happy hour and a mixed crowd for nightly drink specials and a jukebox heavy on current pop favorites and lesbian standards vvfrom k. Never uncomfortably full or uncomfortably empty. The best night for those looking for action is Tuesday.

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Don't let the setting sun distract you from finding visiting corporate executives flashing black Amex cards and suggestive smiles. It's so notorious that a German tabloid reported the city's flamboyant mayor, Klaus Wowereit, knew the exact date the doors of its dark, shadowy back room opened. Nah'it's all about two floors of more than 80 hot male exotic dancers completely nekkid, BTW go-go dancing and grinding, and if one tickles your'ahem'fancy, it's lap-dance time! Admission is the price of a drink, and you get a drink ticket with admission. Manhattan's ever-busy gay staple shows no sign of flagging, and though you really may not care for Musical Mondays, this two-floor Chelsea staple has something for everyone'especially when you're wasted and not too fussy.

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