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In the Hindu narrative tradition, stories of gods and mortals changing gender occur. Included among the lists are transgender people sandhaintersex people nisargaand three different types of homosexual men mukhebhagakumbhika and asekya. The jogappa are connected with the goddess Yellamma Renukaand include both transgender people and homosexuals. And once in a while, hidden in niches as in Khajuraho, one does find images of either women erotically embracing other women or men displaying their genitals to each other, the former being more common suggesting a tilt in favour of the male voyeur. Psychoanalyst Sudhir Kakar writes that Hindus are more accepting of "deviance or eccentricity" than are adherents of Western religions, who typically treat sexual variance as "anti-social or psychopathological, requiring 'correction' or 'cure'". Thus during those even nights the fire element dominates giving a male conception and during those odd nights the water element gives a female conception.

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Pattanaik writes that rather than Mohini becoming pregnant, Ayyappa sprang from Shiva's semen, which he ejaculated upon embracing Mohini.

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LGBT themes in Hindu mythology

Unlike the West, the Hindu society does not have the concept of 'sexual orientation' that classifies males on the basis of who they desire. The Sushruta Samhita, for example, a highly respected Hindu medical text dating back to at least B. Hinduism prescribes 16 ceremonies to mark each major stage in one's life span. This article has multiple issues. Hindu traditional literary sources say little about homosexuality directly.

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That man has semen for his diet. Krishna turned into a woman, married Aravan, spent a night with him and when he was finally beheaded, mourned for him like a widow. Harrington Park Press, Since he said nothing to those who were neither male nor female, these waited outside the city until he returned. One text describes fourteen different types of klibas, one of whom is a man who uses his mouth as a vagina mukhabhaga. They marry for the right reasons of commitment, not just unadulterated sex, as a means of training their egos to give to the other person, a technique deified through the sacrament of marriage so that both souls can evolve towards their final salvation.

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