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Sei sicuro di voler eliminare questa risposta? He said something about breaking up with a gf during "Famous Last Words". The Heart Never Lies by deerperkyset Fandoms: Back to the Beginning by paramoreover Fandoms: I saw them live, and had never heard of My Chemical Romance.

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So I guess ray would be getting all the ladies.

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Emo — Google sobre My Chemical Romance. Mcr is the best band to walk this earth. Frank Iero y Gerard Way manifestaron que solo lo hicieron por diversion como que nos vamos a tragar el cuento. But, when things start looking at their worst, Frank meets someone new. Grabbin my package is obviously a total invasion of privacy I'm not into that at all. Artemis Thomas-Hansard October 13, 3: Is Gerard Way gay, straight, bi, or a space alien?

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It just seems so incredible and it seems like he's actually making a difference and he was doing something. She plays piano and he plays the drums and she also sings. He hasn't been to a mainstream school for 2 years, aka, all of high school. Is Gerard Way gay, straight, or bi? I wasn't allowed to have a MySpace yet, but as a member of the MCRmyit was my duty to spread the love to emo girls everywhere.

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