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Get Known if you don't have an account. Additionally, several NPC characters were gay or bisexual, allowing for same-gender seduction, sometimes to provide an alternative way to complete a quest. The dating options don't change in personality or role, but simply are of the gender you picked or random if you chose no preference. My Time at Portia allows the player character to date and marry any of the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes. Shadow of Revan introduces the first full same-gender romance options in SIS agent Theron Shan and sith lord Lana Beniko, both of whom can be romanced regardless of gender or faction.

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If a male character flirts with her she's openly disgusted at the idea.

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Gay Option

In The Sims 3characters of the same gender now have equal marriage rights and just about any two characters can be encouraged to fall in love with little effort. Dragon's Dogma allows the Arisen to romance nearly any NPC in the game by raising their affinity levels through completing quests, giving gifts, or simply talking to the NPC constantly. There has never been anything at all stopping you from choosing a same-sex partner peg when you get married in the game, and it has no influence on your ability to have children. Pillars of Eternity II: This was removed for the US version, Harvest Moon DS Cute — more obnoxiously, Natsume refused to confirm they removed it, and they left in all the related scenes up to actually "proposing", so it's taken hours of work by dedicated players to, in fact, confirm it's not in there.

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The Technomancer allows the main character, Zachariahto pursue a relationship with AmeliaNieshaor Lucky. The Temple of Elemental Evil video game port provides a sidequest where the party can rescue a slave named Bertram from his pirate owner. Dragonfallthe player, regardless of their gender, can say that they had once been in a relationship with Monika. Fans were understandably annoyed. The two bisexual love interests are initially in a relationship with each other, which deteriorates due to contrasting moral alignments during the game if the protagonist doesn't help them fix it, and the two can be romanced individually or at the same time. The Neverwinter Nights expansion Kingmaker provides the bisexual nymph NPC Kaidala who can be romanced by female as well as male characters. Because the default player characters for the Way of the Samurai series are male, with female PC models being unlockable extras for game completion the series focuses on having a large number of relatively short pathsor awards for Non-Lethal K.