Find other gay couples on a cruise vacation

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Four years ago, they were seated at a shared table with three other couples. Okay, so we were on our honeymoon, and wore the buttons, so people made a big deal about us, but no one ever had an issue with the fact that we're a gay couple. Smooth sailing Finding safe destinations as an LGBT couple can be tricky, but cruise lines are becoming increasingly welcoming. Find all posts by ronnie Find all posts by Jish.

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Most of this depends on what you want out of your cruise.

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Gay Couple by themselves, Without Kids, On Disney Cruise Lines ?

Last year, we decided to escape a particularly nasty winter with a trip to warmer weather. And it is also true that most were couples, But it is a great way to meet fellow, like minded travelers quickly. I think if you want to be social you will meet and talk to many people. We had an absolutely wonderful time even without kids and no one bothered us about not having them. It wasn't that they were against Disney, they just wanted to feel totally part of the voyage and not a side show of a Family Oriented Vacation theme. How do I meet Gay guys on a straight cruise Dale, I have cruised on Carnival ship and the staff and passengers we pritty much "gay friendly. Oct 8, Messages:

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Thanks and I hope there are a few of us going. Feb 26, Messages: When my partner and I went to buy our first car together, the Hyundai sales associate was confused by our relationship. How do I meet Gay guys on a straight cruise What ships offer late night steam room access? This is a superior cruise to other large ship lines in many many ways. I agree with you that Cunard seem to be the best at catering for both single travellers more generally and also the FOD community and I have seen a lot of friendships and groups coming together through FOD. I think the time has come to be less ghetto and more mainstream.

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