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There will be bad reactions, and it's okay to talk to your child about that and prepare her for that, but she's probably already well aware. The significance of Halloween for me boils down to this picture my mom took of me when I was Relatively little research on gender-nonconforming children has been conducted, making it impossible to know how many children step outside gender bounds — or even where those bounds begin. Alex was clearly in that small percentage of boys who trample gender barriers. Unfortunately, restrooms can be a scary place for trans people, because mean people might harass or even attack you. Maybe it was faux middle-class politeness, and they'd just laugh behind my back. On Halloweenten days shy of my eighteenth birthday, I dressed in drag — really bad Wal-Mart last minute costume drag.

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In an excerpt from Juliet Jacques's new memoir, "Trans," the author goes shopping for the first time since undergoing gender reassignment surgery and reflects on what it means to "pass" as a woman.

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The summer after kindergarten, Jose and Anthony attended a retreat for gender-atypical children. Try looking for a modest swimsuit, especially if you aren't comfortable baring a lot of skin. But how they view a professional women in their office may not be how I view a professional woman in their office, or how somebody else does. You can even wear a thin t-shirt into the water, over your swimsuit.

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Their fuller reason was more complicated.

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