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The house, located on a dead end road up above Benedict Canyon and tucked into the hillside, can not be seen from the street. But how many bands are gonna copy him and do the same thing? Like, Flea might have been sitting at home, and he'll come up with a bass part. It was hard for us to agree which ones we think are the best. I mean, the reason I started playing music was because of punk rock and new wave.

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After this tragedy, Irons left the band and Kiedis went to a rehabilitation center.

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From the Archive: Red Hot Chili Peppers Discuss their New Energy and 'Californication'

It was hard for us to agree which ones we think are the best. The latter is the mother of his only son, Everly Kiedis. Ironically, even though things were rockin' when the four played together in Flea's garage, life outside rehearsals was just plain rocky. Not an easy trick for sure. He is a serial boyfriend. Given the very high quality of the materials and workmanship of this house, we expected a Sub Zero.

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Flea may have masterminded the Omnichord interlude, but nobody really dominated the band's decision-making process, as each member had veto-power over the album's mixes and running order. But one charge that has never been leveled at the band, in any of its incarnations, is that the Chili Peppers are shy or retiring. The album was released in August by EMI records. Normally Your Mama finds a few unsavory touches in a house and rips them to shreds. Fela's hectoring, politicized lyrics and driving, hypnotic groove made the singer and saxophonist a legendary figure in the Seventies and Eighties, when his music was considered such a threat to the Nigerian government that, introops attacked and destroyed his Kalakuta compound, outside Lagos. Flea and Dave went out and did a Jane's Addiction tour, the reunion tour, and when they came back, it just seemed like the time was right to have a change.

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