The gay plague

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In primary school I watched an animated video of a heterosexual couple having a pillow fight. As well as the actions of individuals, homophobia may be expressed through actions of the state, such as punitive laws, as well as other social institutions. Other large-scale public campaigns against homophobia have targeted specific areas of society such as sport. Usage Statistics When was this pamphlet last used? Within the HIV response, leaving no one behind is both a moral and human rights imperative and a public health necessity. About Browse this Collection.

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Lauren Young, 18, survey respondent

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Gay-related immune deficiency

Acts of homophobia happen at an individual, cultural, structural or legal level and pose a major barrier to accessing and delivering HIV services. Combating homophobia takes a two-fold approach: Schools have an important part to play in challenging homophobia. This marked the beginning of the Gay Pride movement and the explosion of hundreds of Gay Pride events that celebrate people who identify as LGBT in order to combat the stigma and discrimination that arises from homophobia. Repealing these laws is essential to encouraging societies to embrace the diversity of different sexualities, and open up access to essential HIV services. Such groups can also influence the attitudes of the general public and can campaign for tolerance towards homosexuality.

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Search View in Person. About Browse this Partner. InterPride, which represents Pride organisers around the world, estimates that more than Gay Pride events take place each year. The barriers to health care faced by people who are LGBT, coupled with violence and mental health issues experienced by this population due to homophobia, can also cut short the number of years LGBT people are able to work, which again affects GDP. A large proportion of men who have sex with men in both West and Central Africa and East and Southern Africa also engage in heterosexual sex, often with wives or other long-term female partners. Homophobia is fuelled by lack of awareness, and educating young people about LGBT issues is fundamental to overcoming widely accepted prejudice.

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