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Where to get Gay Times: Kelly joins her high school's Gay-Straight Alliance. From Broadway he became a star on the Disney Channel, where he met his longtime close friend Demi Lovato, who, while working with him and his brothers on the Disney movie Camp Rockdated his brother Joe. Because of his teen stardom, Jonas never went to college, something that seems to bother him. The magazine was an offshoot of Young Gay America, a non-profit organization founded by Nycum and Glatze in Indie magazines are popping up every few months now, gay-owned and ready to take on this new gay culture. He learned some show tunes, and within a couple of years was auditioning on Broadway.

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As she learns what "gay" means, she steps up to defend and support him.

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From Teen Heartthrob to Gay Icon, Who is Nick Jonas?

Subscribe and be the first to receive the latest issue of OUT. This teens' magazine—related article is a stub. She describes her journey from homelessness to foster care, and finally to stability and independence. The accusations of gay baiting and opportunism have left Jonas a bit wounded. As they grew older and looked to gain a broader audience, the brothers stripped their boy-next-door facade. The magazine became respected as a resource by high school and public libraries, youth groups, counsellors and parents.

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Find it at indie bookshops around the world, and online at gayletter. Jonas was born in Texas and grew up in New Jersey. Styling by Grant Woolhead. The year-old has a second home in Mammoth, Calif. Not Just One Thing. Jonas also underwent an intense and rapid physical transformation for his role as a sexually conflicted wrestler on the Audience Network series Kingdomconsuming 4, calories a day to bulk up into the beefcake sex symbol of Instagram fame. The foster mother, Mary, is warm and caring, and just happens to be gay.

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