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However, not everyone was happy with some of the subject material. Arthur pins the blame on Pal, and his parents reluctantly euthanize him but not before Pal presses a button on a remote control, which triggers the second Holocaust he was planning since Season 1. It's the irony of the whole thing. The main Arthur series shows Arthur's friend Buster being castrated on two separate occasions as a plot device, and he is castrated a third time in the Arthur's Missing Pal CGI movie. Arthur about to fall through his usual hoop.

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Trusted content I love this app because whatever my daughter is watching will be quality PBS programming.

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Arthur (show)

Variety reported that it pulled in 1. He also believes that extraterrestrials are real. Earlier this year, countless memes based on stills from the animated show notably propagated online. Adult Written by coffee April 9, Brain takes a piss in Muffy's pool and blames Buster. Personalize Common Sense for your family.

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Jekyll as his role model, and Mr. Her full name is Dora Winifred Read, but had it shortened to just D. Buster also has a cousin with the same name on Tiny Toon Adventuresand is the nephew of the evil Nazi scientist, Dr. Despite his intellectual shortcomings, Buster is shown to also be an amateur private investigatormost often applying his skills to stalking D. For those without comedic tastes, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Arthur. Odd Squad needs to go! She also enjoys actingsingingand for some reason is lactose-intolerant when visiting Finland.

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