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Also, please xplain in exact detail your accusation that "the council thinks it can get away with this" as you so eloquently put it. By my peers, and all of my clients that have ever known me, I am considered to possess much skill, creativity, and genuine passion for my work. Thanks for the memories! I applied years ago with P. Transgender people, the official said, are prohibited from using bathroom facilities of the gender they identify with, unless they furnish a birth certificate matching that sex. Most Sincerely and Respectfully always, Maryanne A.

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Transgender rights advocates say it is dangerous to allow the majority to decide which minorities deserve rights.

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Transgender protections trigger backlash, referendum

Leggett will NOT veto this legislation; he is a person, unlike you, who believes in fair, equitable treatment and opportunities for all of our residents. Vote for your favorites in the Readers' Choice Dining Awards. Gillard, but the bathroom problems that Montgomery County critics have forecasted have not come to pass. I applied at a retail clothing store in Rockville - Loehman's on Randolph road. The lawmakers of Montgomery County, a wealthy and generally liberal enclave outside Washington, D.

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What was different in Montgomery County was what happened next. University officials have not been eager to discuss the policy. The fact that many do not understand this and are threatened by it or find it abhorrent, based on their philisophy ies does not change the fact that many - possibly even yourself, have been taught to deny their own quite real nature - have been forced to deny it - been killed by the masses in history for it having been compelled to not express what could not be helped as it occurred within them. Well, those "citizens" were jamming the phone lines and e-mail in-boxes. Last month, a judge ruled that the county must put the question on the ballot in November.

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