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He was basically my age, maybe a year older? Story is about a photographer that goes into the front lines of the war And I threw a fit when they broke the news. Field Maneuvers An officer and his sargent do some exploring. We arrived at lunchtime. At first I gagged then I started swallowing it all.

In case you are wondering, Bryson offered a sliding scale fee so that any family could afford it.

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A Military Tale

Beach Encounter with Hunk wearing Army Uniform Bathing Suit We stayed at a big hotel right on the beach, an old-fashioned, elegant resort that towered 25 stories above the waves in a grand art-deco sort of way. Seduced in the Military Barracks We were pretty good friends, and one night after we had been downtown partying, he admitted to me that he was bisexual. Best army-buddies take their friendship to a new level while surrounded by sleeping comrades in arms I remember struggling to open my mouth wide enough to take it in. Not just sex but relationship too. While I did, he reached into his fanny pack and removed a bottle of lube.

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Like me, most of the guys came from difficult homes. What was the BEST thing about this hookup? Young, naive, and always horny, that was me. Tight in all the right places. I went to his apartment. Random I Love Corey, Chapter Twenty-five The sticky semen that had been trapped between us formed little strands between us, kind of like a weak spider web. If you did that, you could trade your scars to gain the respect of others.