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His photo showed a very attractive preppy guy who looked to be in his late twenties. Come to my room. You can't just shove all that weight off you very easy, and when you're sucking cock from below like that, hanging balls tend to get your nose covered up, and it can be a problem. So if we're technically open, why do I feel guilty for sitting in my hotel room watching porn and wishing those cocks were in my mouth instead of on screen? An insatiable latino bottom found me online and begged me for my cock.

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He throws my legs up over his shoulders and I can feel the heat of his cock in front of my asshole. And he backs up and pulls out his keys and goes and locks the door and flips over the sign that says Be Right Back, and comes over to me and just takes his jeans all the way off. The pleasure was all mine. I grabbed a condom and lube from my bag and slipped quietly out the door. I didn't have much time but he had me in the mindset to fuck. I take the time to work on his heavy bull balls, welcoming each of them into my mouth and massaging them with my tongue.

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