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It is about a man named Gokuhe is a saiyan from outer spacebut he was raised on Earth and he face many villians that threaten Earth. Satan 's panic-struck barging into the locker rooms to see if Pan is all right from her fight against Wild Tiger. A show in wich: In Japanese, Otoko Suki means "man love", a reference to his obvious homosexuality. In the anime, he briefly smiles at Nokwho simply smirks at him.

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These preteens cannot type their insults toward possible DBZ-haters properly without adding random misspelled cusswords when trying to defend how a fighting anime can run for about fifty episodes before someone enrages themselves with power so much that it's surprising that someone doesn't explode from their muscles overtaking their head.

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Just a bit longer Why the fuck is this taking so long this is fuckin gay. Wait until the last minute before sending it off! Contents [ show ]. Annisa

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