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This smooth shaven feeling will only last a day or two anyways, and the appearance is really what is important. Carapex Body Lotion I have tried a few different lotions and Carapex is my most favorite. It is a post body shaving lotion and helps to keep your skin from drying out. This should be your number one priority when shaving. If you are going for the all over clean shave then the best way to get up close and remove that porcupine prickle is to use a good old manual razor.

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Electric Trimmers If you already own an electric razor, chances are there is a trimmer built-in.

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Men’s Body Shaving: The Complete Guide

The Secret is in the Skin It may seem like grooming body hair is all about getting rid of the hair — but the real secret is in doing as little harm as possible to your skin. Picking a razor that is actually suited for body shaving will also improve your results drastically. It is wireless and has 5 different length settings to let you choose how close of a shave you prefer. Shaving Up Close If this is your first time shaving not including your face then your skin will be sensitive — I repeat, very sensitive. No matter what brand you own, controlling the length of your hair is relatively easy. The best treatment is to first rinse with cold water.

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If you do nothing else, at least give your body hair a regular trimming. Post treatment is where most people stop, and therefore get results that are not what they were intending. You need to be extra careful and choose a blade that will be gentle on your skin. For the more difficult hairs hiding deep under the skin, you can use special derma-pads like Bliss which that will help push the hair to the surface. When you are shaving, you need to treat public hair differently from your other body hair. I have tried a few different lotions and Carapex is my most favorite.

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